Community Care Day


On May 7th, Wagner Dental is hosting their annual “Community Care Day” to provide quality dental care to deserving members of the community. Our vision for this year’s event is to improve the lives of educators in the Las Vegas Community.

Our team at Wagner Dental has been serving the people of Las Vegas for over 30 years. We are already well-known for doing good in the community — like providing free dentistry to veterans on Veteran’s Day. Community Care Day is just one more expression of the caring culture of our practice.

We believe in doing good in our community and helping those in need. Educators give so much to help us all. We want to do something special to say ‘Thanks!’ to the wonderful educators in our valley. Our goal for the event is to provide four deserving people with comprehensive smile restorations. This means repairing, replacing, or modifying any broken, misshapen, misaligned, or missing teeth. There are many in our community that tirelessly care for the needs of others. We want to help these people, who give so much to others, by giving them a healthy and beautiful smile.

A smile restoration can often take several visits and weeks of delays. Wagner Dental has invested heavily in technology which enables them to prepare, create, and permanently place functional and beautiful permanent tooth replacements in one single visit. This technology is what enables Wagner Dental to provide these life-transforming smile restorations in one single “Community Care Day.” 6 Porcelain Crowns

Our team’s training and technology allows us to serve more patients, in less time, and with no compromises in quality. This empowers us to provide better care for our patients and do more good for our neighbors.

How educators can apply for a Wagner Dental Community Care Day smile restoration – Completely fill out, then submit the form on this page by April 15th. We will review your application and get in touch with you if you are selected.

Rules for participation –

  • Any educator can apply. This means a kindergarten teacher, music instructor, college professor, and so on.
  • People can nominate friends or loved ones but the above information needs to be supplied on behalf of the nominee, and the nominee must be informed that Wagner Dental may be contacting them.
  • A total of four applicants will be selected for smile restorations.

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