Cold_Sores (1)If you have ever had a cold sore, you know how embarrassing they can be and how isolated they can make you feel. It should make you feel better to know that you are not alone: cold sores affect a whopping eight out of ten people. This may seem high, but even if you don’t remember getting a cold sore, you could still be a carrier, as most people are exposed to the virus before the age of seven. Some people who have been infected might not display any symptoms at all, and may never actually have an outbreak.

There is an urban legend floating around the internet that you can contract cold sores during your dentist appointment, but that is simply not true. Dr. Ron Wagner, Dr. Kent Wagner, and Dr. Rich Cannon sterilize everything we use and takes as many precautions as possible to avoid transmission of diseases between staff, other patients, and you. The fact is, you probably got the cold sore from kissing or sharing drinks someone who had an active breakout.

Cold sores really are a type of the herpes virus, which unfortunately means it never leaves your body, staying in a “sleeping” state until something causes a recurrence. The sores usually appear on or around the lips, in the form of a blister that goes through a series of stages throughout a span of about 8 to 12 days. If you have a sore inside your mouth it is almost certainly a canker sore and not a cold sore. Dr. Ron, Dr. Kent, or Dr. Rich will be able to tell you what condition is affecting you and what your treatment options are.

Things that can trigger a recurrence include: stress, another illness, being run-down, a poor diet, drinking too much alcohol and basically anything that weakens your immune system. If you know you get cold sores, let Dr. Ron, Dr. Kent and Dr. Rich know before your appointment, especially one that involves a lengthy procedure. The trauma to your lips that can occur during this type of visit could trigger an outbreak or, if you are already having an outbreak on the day of your appointment our doctors at Wagner Dental may want to reschedule.

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