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Thinking of upgrading your smile with veneers or crowns? Ask us about Our Smile Trials

When making many decisions in life, we want to make sure we’re choosing the right path. We test-drive the car before buying it. We try on the formal clothes before walking down the aisle. We even try samples of a new flavor before buying a whole ice cream cone.

But not everything can be tried out first. After all, you can’t test drive a dental procedure… can you?

Introducing Our New Smile Trial at Wagner Dental

What if we told you that there is a way to test-drive your new smile before making it permanent?

It’s true! Here at Wagner Dental we have a tried and true system to help make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your dental care: our Wagner Dental Smile Trial.

And yes, it is just what it sounds like. A trial version of your finalized treatment plan can be implemented in a non-permanent way, so that you can see it in full form and decide exactly how you feel about it.

When it comes to your dental health, we don’t take shortcuts. You deserve to be completely and totally in love with your new smile, and we will do everything we can to make that happen. That includes offering you this chance to test-drive your smile results.

What Exactly Does a Smile Trial Include?

During your smile trial, you will be fitted with temporary versions of everything included in your treatment plan.

For example, if you have chosen to receive our high-quality dental veneers, but are unsure about going through with it, we will gladly fit you with temporary veneers that are only gently bonded.

Wear them out and about. Smile. Take pictures. Chat with your family. Do everything you need to, in order to decide just how much you love your new look.

The Benefits of Testing a Temporary Smile Trial Before You Commit

Our Smile Trial options benefit both you and your attending staff. Here’s how:

See Your Complete Results Beforehand | It’s always easier to make a decision when you know what the results will look like. The same remains true in dentistry. With our smile trial options, you can see more than just photos. See the real thing up close and personal.

Feel Your Complete Results Beforehand | It’s one thing to see your bright, new smile. It’s another to actually be able to experience the way it feels when you speak, eat, and smile. Any fears you may have about comfort or fit can be alleviated with a trial run.

We Can Fine-Tune Your Fit | Temporaries give us the chance to polish your look. We can use the trial run to really perfect coloring, size, and placement, so you don’t just have a good new smile—you have a great one!

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