Teeth Whitening

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Do you live in Las Vegas, Nevada and feel like your teeth have started to look dull? Have you noticed staining and are not sure what to do? Come see us at Wagner Dental, we will take your smile from blah to beaming in no time!

Why Do Teeth Become Discolored Over Time?

There are numerous reasons why people’s teeth may change color over time, including all of the following:


Everyone gets older. Just like your hair will eventually turn grey, as you grow older your enamel (the strong protective coating on the outside of your teeth) will gradually wear down from repeated use, exposing the dentin inside.

Once it has been exposed, the dentin will begin to look yellow. Our teeth whitening procedure will remedy this by making your teeth a vibrant white again thanks to the use of special dental-grade chemicals. 


Everyone has their favorite drinks, but they aren’t always good for the natural white color of your teeth. When the acid in drinks like tea and coffee makes contact with your teeth the color can stick to them, resulting in a yellow hue. 

Some of these stains can be removed with daily brushing with whitening toothpaste, but the more tricky ones require professional teeth whitening.

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What Can I Expect at My Teeth Whitening Appointment?

It is normal for teeth to stain over time. If it is time for smile rejuvenation, teeth whitening can be a convenient solution for stained or discolored teeth. Wagner Dental offers Opalescence Boost in-office whitening. Opalescence whitening is a quick and effective procedure that can brighten your smile by 8 shades in less than an hour!

The doctor will apply an active whitening ingredient that penetrates your enamel to get to discolored molecules. Oxygen molecules from the whitening agents react with the discolored molecules in your teeth, breaking the bonds that hold them together. The oxygen molecules spread, whitening your entire smile!

The process takes about 45 minutes and most patients report little sensitivity during the procedure. As part of the in-office whitening treatment, you’ll be given a set of Opalescence Go trays for whitening maintenance and touch-up at home. Your Wagner Dental doctor may also recommend using special toothpaste to help alleviate sensitivity or otherwise protect your teeth. 

Patients love the results they see in just one visit. Compared to over-the-counter gradual whitening, Opalescence Boost in-office whitening is perfect for people on the go!

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening Strips and Trays

Because teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure, many companies sell at-home solutions to people looking to have pearly-white teeth. These low-cost products can typically be bought at the store and have the allure of quickly lightening your smile. 

Unfortunately, these over-the-counter solutions tend to not be as effective as a professional whitening treatment. Here we explain some of the comparisons between over-the-counter whitening and professional whitening.

Even Color

It is very common for teeth whitening strips to only cover your front teeth, which can lead to uneven whitening results. 

During our professional treatment, we whiten your teeth completely, not just the fronts, so that all of your teeth look exceptionally white. 


When you’re preparing to whiten your teeth, you want to get the best results for the lowest price possible, and you want those results to last.

While over-the-counter methods can seem appealing based on their lower price, these methods aren’t as long-lasting. You’ll likely end up spending more money on repetitive over-the-counter methods than you would on one long-lasting professional treatment.

Professional-Grade Materials 

opalescence mint syringe
Professional teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to achieve the level of brightness that you desire, and this quick-acting agent is completely effective while in the office. 

When you visit the store and purchase over-the-counter whitener you aren’t buying hydrogen peroxide, but carbamide peroxide. This entirely different solution is designed to be safer for non-professional users, but also compromises effectiveness. 

Professional Services Give Professional Results

The bottom line: don’t fall into the trap of spending less money for worse results, wasted time, and disappointment—choose professional grade whitening for long-lasting, great-looking results!

“Wagner Dental is quite simply the best!! The office staff, from receptionist to the dental teams, are all superb. If you didn’t know, Dr. Nelson can now provide Invisalign orthodontics at the office. I’m starting my treatment asap. Also, if you are interested, I got amazing results with the whitening treatment.”

Elizabeth N.

Will the results last?

If you want your bright white smile to last, it is important to be aware of how teeth discolor.

It is normal for teeth to discolor with age, but there are also avoidable factors such as consuming foods and drinks that can stain. The main culprits of a dull or discolored smile are tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco.

If you frequently consume these beverages it can help to drink them with a straw to avoid contact with the staining agents. 

The lasting effects of your teeth whitening treatment vary from patient to patient, but regardless of who you are It is important to avoid staining agents and continue with your regular home-care after your teeth whitening treatment. 

If you take care of your teeth, your whitening should last for a considerable amount of time. However, even with the best whitening treatment your smile will eventually require a touchup as the product eventually fades.

Our patients that opt for teeth whitening love the results they see.

We want you to get the white smile you want too, come on in and see what Wagner Dental can do for you! Schedule your appointment online or call us today.

Can I afford teeth whitening?

If you are worried about the potential cost of teeth whitening, we want you to know we offer our patients financing options to help get you the smile you want.

If you have dental work including veneerscrowns or bridges, the procedure will not adversely affect the surfaces. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding we advise you to wait to have your teeth whitened.

Get Ready for Your Whitest Smile Ever

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