There is a law of nature that states: “function follows form.” This saying means that how something appears determines how it works. For example, you may own many screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes (form) to loosen all different kinds of screws (function). Think of a watering can with a long spout that’s perfect for pouring water right where you want it, versus one with a broad spout meant to cover large areas more quickly.

When you think about it, this principle also applies to your smile. A mouth with missing teeth isn’t nearly as functional as a mouth with a full set of chompers. Enter: cosmetic dentistry. While the word “cosmetic” makes these treatments sound optional, many times they are necessary to improve physical function or mental and emotional well-being. Read more from Drs. Wagner, Cannon, Lawler, and Nelson to learn about cosmetic dentistry and the positive impact it can have on your life.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Who Needs Cosmetic Dentistry?

If your teeth are hindering your overall quality of life and well-being, it’s absolutely time to make a change. When it comes to eating, speaking, smiling, laughing, and kissing, a beautiful, functional smile is essential to a happy life.

If you recently kicked a smoking habit, getting your teeth whitened is an excellent way to celebrate the milestone and restore your pearly whites.

If you are in school and preparing to face the world after graduation, braces or bonding could be the perfect way to be confident in your smile and put your best self forward.

If you have mouth or jaw pain that is preventing you from getting out and enjoying your loved ones, many cosmetic procedures can improve alignment in your mouth and get you back into the world feeling more comfortable.

Finding a Cosmetic Dentist

Most dentists should be able to perform cosmetic procedures, but some will have more experience than others. As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of treatments to address any dental issue you might have.

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