A few things are equally important for your oral health, no matter what your age or stage of life. Good nutrition, brushing and flossing habits, visiting the dentist and a little fluoride are always (always) the essentials – you won’t ever hear us say otherwise.  However, your dental hygiene routine requires unique considerations for each new season of growth and maturity. Read below as Drs. Wagner, Cannon, Lawler, and Nelson of Wagner Dental share what is especially important knowledge to maintain your oral health throughout your life. You may be surprised at what we have to say!


From the moment your child enters the world, they are equipped with not one, but two sets of teeth to last their lifetime—even if you can’t quite see said teeth yet. Oral health and dental care are as important at this time as every other. Don’t wait to set the stage for good habits that will ensure a healthy, functioning smile for your newest family member.


Though it can be overwhelming to stay on top of your child’s oral hygiene, kids have all the same dental needs as adults. Now is the impressionable age when good habits will really set in for the rest of their life:


No one is around anymore to remind you to brush your teeth or force/drive you to the dentist. And lots of your favorite vices in this age can wreak havoc on your teeth (the last set you’ll get!). Your teeth and mouth will serve you forever if you continue to prioritize your dental hygiene along with everything else going on in life.


The golden years should be about celebration and gratitude for all you’ve seen and done. Make dental care a joyful ritual and stay on top of your hygiene visits – health-related issues generally tend to become more complicated as we age.

So – What Does Your Mouth Need Today?

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