Smile Virtual

Let’s face it—we all have busy schedules, and with everything else that you have going on, it can be hard to know where you are going to fit another appointment into your day.

Unfortunately, your oral health doesn’t wait around for you. Even with your busy life, your teeth are always on your mind. They require constant maintenance to be in top shape and perform the functions that are important to you: smiling, eating, and staying healthy and confident.

Get Dental Advice From Dr. Wagner Without Setting Foot in Office!

Fortunately, cutting-edge dental software has made it possible for you to get dental advice on the go! Smile Virtual is a software that makes it easy for you to connect with us and get advice in a free recorded video consultation from Dr. Wagner.

Smile Virtual puts the patient back in the driver’s seat by letting you take control of your dental experience. The only thing that you have to do is fill out a quick form through the online platform with your unique concerns and snap a selfie so we can see what your smile looks like.

Thanks to Smile Virtual, you don’t have to make an extra trip into the office or get anxious about visiting us. With this technology, we get to provide you with the same expert recommendations that we would in person, now from the comfort of your own home!

Why Would I Want to Use Smile Virtual?

Smile Virtual is redefining the landscape of how dentistry is done by putting your experience at the front and center. By using the innovative technology of Smile Virtual, you can overcome common barriers that patients experience at the dentist and experience these game-changing benefits:

  • Receive free recommendations from Dr. Wagner about your options | There are so many great things that we can do for your smile! Perhaps you have something specific in mind, or maybe you are just beginning to wonder what your options are. Dr. Wagner will give you a presentation specifically tailored to your dental needs—breaking down treatment possibilities, cost, and what you can expect during any treatment you choose.
  • Take care of your oral health and save time | Filling out your personalized form on Smile Virtual is simple and designed to take 20 minutes or less. Upon completion, the free video consultation that you receive from Dr. Wagner will save you a trip to our dental office, giving you time back in your day!

    You get to review the work that we do and see Dr. Wagner before deciding if we are the right fit for your dental needs.

  • Say goodbye to dental anxiety | If the thought of visiting the dentist makes you anxious, you’re not alone. With Smile Virtual you get all of the benefits of an initial consultation without having to even come to our office. As a result, you receive quality dental service provided by Dr. Wagner from the comfort of your own home. What could be better?
  • You get to write a personalized message to Dr. Wagner | If you feel intimidated at the thought of communicating about the dental work that you want then you no longer need to worry. Instead of getting your thoughts all jumbled up in an in-person visit, you can take the time to write them down and send them to Dr. Wagner so that he can address them in your personal consultation video.
  • Address pricing and costs | Wondering how much your new smile is going to cost? Dr. Wagner can also break down the price of the services that he offers while going over the treatment options that he recommends for you.

The Three-Step Simple Process for Using Smile Virtual

Smile Virtual is designed to save you time and works in three simple steps. First, visit the website, click “I’m a patient,” then proceed to do the following:

  1. Fill out your name and email in the requested fields.
  2. Enter your zip code, phone number, and any concerns in the concerns box that you would like Dr. Wagner to address in the virtual consultation video that he will send to you.

    Please note that the more specific you are, the more concerns Dr. Wagner will be able to directly address in his consultation to help you get what you hope to achieve in your smile.

  3. Upload a close-up picture of your smile and an optional selfie, and submit it to us for review.

Once we receive your photos we will review them and put together a presentation that is unique to you. In it, we will talk about what is possible for your smile, some potential options for addressing the concerns that you wrote down, and you will get to meet Dr. Wagner!

If you like what you see after reviewing your consultation video, Smile Virtual makes it easy for you to take the next step. Schedule your in-person appointment with Dr. Wagner to receive the excellent dental care you need!

Top-Tier Tech at Your Fingertips

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly increased the use of telemedicine, with doctors and patients meeting over video for virtual appointments. You have probably already experienced the time you have saved with telemedicine. Many people love the convenience of virtual visits with their primary care provider and the trend shows that this type of care will continue.

Now, with Smile Virtual you can add dental health consultations to your list of easily-accessible virtual services without compromising on the level of patient care that you receive.

Online Doctor named Smile Virtual one of the best teledentistry solutions! They say this citing the Smile Virtual technology as a free and innovative platform that offers detailed recommendations from experienced dentists. For a link to the rankings visit here.

Making Dentistry Accessible to Everyone

We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to a good dentist—one that understands your needs and is able to create a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Our mission to make dentistry accessible to you and provide an excellent patient experience is now more possible than ever with Smile Virtual.

Smile Virtual removes many of the traditional barriers to dentistry and allows you to interact with Dr. Wagner on your own terms.

Maybe you’ve been considering a couple of veneers to cover your chipped or crooked tooth, or you might have imagined looking in the mirror with your complete smile makeover beaming back at you. Even if you’re just wondering how many shades whiter we can make your teeth, the process is the same—just a few minutes of your time to receive a free dental consultation from Dr. Wagner.

Head Over to Smile Virtual for Your Free Consultation With Wagner Dental

Smile Virtual’s process is so easy that the submission process only takes 20 minutes! Dr. Wagner wants to meet you and show you what we can do to give you the smile of your dreams.

If you have been thinking about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wagner to see what he can do to brighten your smile, but have hesitated to do so—the whole process just got so much more convenient!

Visit Smile Virtual today to see how simple it is to start the process to get the smile that you have been waiting for.