Everybody knows that morning breath, or halitosis, is particularly awful. Maybe your spouse, partner, or some other member of your family has informed you that your mouth is toxic in the AM. It is likely that you have noticed it yourself! Either way, Wagner Dental wants to bring an end to this suffering! There is hope; with the right information you have a good chance of not getting kicked out of bed to go and brush your teeth. We wrote this article to serve as your guide in the fight to eliminate halitosis in Las Vegas forever!

Let’s face it: No One is safe from morning breath

Morning breath is not picky. If you sleep (and obviously you do), then at some point you will discover how much different your breath is once you wake up. It’s almost as if your mouth is conspiring against you while you rest. Even short naps can turn your breath rancid.

What is to be done about it?!

Knowledge is power, and while Dr. Ron Wagner, Dr. Kent Wagner, & Dr. Rich Cannon can’t cure Las Vegas of morning breath, we all have a better chance of foiling its evil plots if we know our enemy. So in the interest of uplifting our collective breath, Wagner Dental wants to provide you with these tips to freshen that morning stench.

What causes morning breath?

The answer is simple: dry mouth (xerostomia). When we go to sleep, our saliva production slows to a minimum (unless there’s drooling involved) and that lack of beneficial moisture leads to stinky breath. Have you ever been accused of having halitosis? If so, someone told you that you have bad breath. Dry mouth is halitosis’ best friend.

Do you sleep with your mouth open and wake up to an uncomfortably dry, swollen tongue? Sometimes a stuffy nose makes anything else impossible. Unfortunately, this contributes to dry mouth and bad breath.

How do we stop it?

Well, it is nearly impossible to eradicate halitosis in Las Vegas all together, but here are some great ways to keep it from making your spouse or partner cry in the morning:

1) That’s right! You guessed it: Dr. Ron Wagner, Dr. Kent Wagner, & Dr. Rich Cannon remind us that your first line of defense is a solid oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing twice a day, especially right before bed, is important for much more than creating tolerable morning breath.
2) Brush your tongue. Most of those nasty breath-ruining bacteria live on your tongue, so brushing it or using a tongue scraper attacks morning breath on its home turf.
3) Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
4) Cut down on stinky foods, like garlic, onions, tuna, peanuts, and cheese.
5) Take out your dentures before you go to bed.
6) Water is your ally. Drink lots of it!

Now you have a fighting chance at surviving the first few moments of your day without recoiling at a stench coming from your own face! Dr. Ron Wagner, Dr. Kent Wagner, & Dr. Rich Cannon are committed to the oral health of Las Vegas patients, and that includes morning breath! Please don’t hesitate to call us at Wagner Dental with any questions about morning breath and make sure to come in for your regular cleanings!