When you think of orthodontics, you may not picture a quick fix. In fact, the impression that word will often give is one of lengthy treatment, uncomfortable adjustments, and a lot of time spent in the dental chair.

Unfortunately, that image is not altogether wrong. Orthodontic adjustments as a whole can last as long as years.

Modern technology is always working to make these treatments both more effective and faster. This leads us to a number of alternatives to traditional wire braces, including the Invisalign clear aligner treatment system. Treatments with these alternative procedures cut the time down significantly, but Wagner Dental is still looking forward to newer and better ways to shorten the time even further.

We’re particularly excited about one of the latest procedures that is designed to do just that: accelerated orthodontics.

What Exactly Is Accelerated Orthodontics, and How Can It Help Me?

Accelerated orthodontics is a concept that revolves around stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Adult orthodontics is often much more difficult than it would have been if done earlier in life. The permanent teeth are firmly settled in their places, making them harder to move. We know that treatments done for children and early teens are far more effective, due to the teeth being in a much more flexible state of growth.

While we can’t make adult jaws suddenly start to grow again, the good news is we can cause the jawbone and gum tissue around it to start a deep healing process. Accelerated orthodontics takes advantage of that healing process by moving the normally-inflexible adult teeth in synchronization with the healing.

This results in faster orthodontic movement with far less resistance to change.

The Accelerated Orthodontics Procedure at Wagner Dental

Dr. Nelson is our skilled orthodontist at Wagner Dental. If he believes your treatment could be enhanced with adult orthodontics, he offers two different methods to accomplish this: MOPs and TADs

MOPs: Micro-Osteoperforations 

The micro-osteoperforation (MOPs) method is a more natural acceleration technique that utilizes the body’s natural biological responses to moving permanent teeth. 

During regular orthodontic treatment, the constant pressure put on the permanent teeth by either brackets or Invisalign aligners starts two processes in your teeth known as osteoclastic or osteoblastic responses. Osteoclastic responses help break down the calcium around the tooth that keeps it in place—thus enabling your teeth to move in the first place. Osteoblastic responses, then, help build that same calcium back up after the tooth has moved.

The MOPs procedure works by pricking small holes in the gums near the root of your teeth while you undergo your orthodontic treatment. The pressure from your braces with the added stress of the pin pricks in your gums heightens these two osteo reactions in your body. The combination tricks your body into moving your teeth faster with its own devices. It basically works like acupuncture for your teeth.

MOPs is a simple and quick procedure that works with both metal braces and Invisalign braces. 

TADs: Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) are small titanium anchors that can be added to your traditional braces treatment to help pull your teeth in the right direction more quickly. 

While MOPs can work with any type of orthodontics, TADs are only added to traditional bracket braces, not Invisalign aligners. TADs are generally used for more extreme orthodontic issues, such as bite problems. This means they can be a more discreet alternative to headgear!

The procedure for inserting TADs in your mouth is a quick procedure, and we’ll give you a numbing agent for the whole process. Removing TADs after they’ve done their job is just as quick, and even more comfortable.

During your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Nelson can assess whether accelerated orthodontics will be right for you and which treatment type will work best for your situation.

Talk to Us Today About Our Accelerated Orthodontics Options

If you’re interested in an orthodontic adjustment, but the length of the procedure has always put you off, then accelerated orthodontics might be the right option for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Wagner Dental with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!