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Everyone wants to be proud of their smile. Good-looking teeth are a valuable asset. If yours are crooked or misaligned, you might feel self-conscious when you are around other people who might judge your appearance. 

As orthodontists, we understand this dilemma. Taking care of your smile is a long-term investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

If you have been stuck at home lately and thought about getting braces, you’ve probably done a significant amount of research and come across many options for straightening your teeth. During your search, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into advertisements from companies that promise to be able to straighten your teeth without having to make a visit to an orthodontist’s office.

Are Mail-Order Aligners Really a Good Deal? 

Over the last few years, mail-order aligners have risen in popularity. Mail order companies claim to offer a low cost, alternative solution to traditional orthodontia. However, they often use generic plastics in their products, and the aligners are formed using an impression you make of your own teeth. 

Popular companies such as SmileDirectClub advertise a convenient solution to your orthodontic needs. But are products like these a viable option that works? Below we will discuss why these companies aren’t actually in a position to deliver on the promises that they make.

No Initial Consultation, No X-Rays: A Major Red Flag 

Before you decide to see an orthodontist, you should first undergo an extensive evaluation to make sure that the treatment will be safe. Contrary to what some people think, not everyone is a good candidate for orthodontic procedures. 

Before starting treatment, the following issues may need to be addressed: 

Part of the evaluative process that we use involves taking x-rays that allow us to assess the state of your teeth, gums, and bones. 

Companies that offer mail order-aligners do not perform extensive evaluations. At the most, they will have dentists that contract with them to sign papers, including a certification that the impression is valid. 

Suspicious Validation Requirements Mean Suspicious Dental Care

A good dentist is more careful and takes more precaution than simply signing off on a paper. With mail order aligners, a resulting treatment plan is risky and cannot compare to the quality care that orthodontists are tasked with providing. 

Mail-order services might work for patients that only have minor alignment issues, but with everything else that could go wrong, it’s not worth the gamble. 

Unsupervised Teledentistry Can Lead to Problems

The importance of expertise when taking proper care of your mouth cannot be overstated. 

Imagine that you had an accident and broke your arm. The first thing that you would do is make sure that you consulted with a doctor who oversees the process of healing the fracture. After the initial casting, you would return on a periodic basis to ensure that everything was going smoothly and that you were on track towards a full recovery. 

The same level of attention is necessary for efficient and correct orthodontic treatment. The good news is that we have spent countless hours training our skilled staff so we can offer quality care. Our dental team understands the science that goes into making adjustments to your teeth.

Lower Price Often Means Lower Quality 

Have you heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for?” When it comes to paying for braces or Invisalign aligners, you are paying for more than just the technology. You are also paying for a credible expert that can oversee the process of your orthodontic treatment from start to finish. 

What many people don’t realize is that orthodontists fix more than simple cosmetic issues. In addition to closing gaps or straightening teeth, orthodontists also:

Counting on mail order aligners to straighten your teeth and you may run the serious risk of doing long-term damage to your mouth. Financially, a situation like that would end up costing more than the money you originally tried to save. 

Mail-Order Aligners Don’t Come With Oversight

Unfortunately, the benefits of oversight don’t exist with direct mail orthodontia. The company that you buy from will have you take the impressions yourself, which is the first mistake. You wouldn’t set your own broken bone, and you shouldn’t take your own bite impressions. 

The clear braces company will then send your aligners in the mail. After the transaction, you have no in-person follow up appointments to make sure that your teeth are being straightened correctly. 

Trust Your Qualified Healthcare Provider

When you need to trust a provider, trust a qualified dentist. You can avoid mouth pain and other detrimental pitfalls that can result from not using a professional dentist or orthodontist. We highly recommend avoiding aligner mail-order services entirely. 

Consider Your Oral Health and Make the Smart Choice

We take your oral health seriously, and our practice has a personal stake in the transformation of your smile. You see us on a continual basis, meaning that you are able to hold us accountable for being fully satisfied with our work. 

Lawsuits and Allegations of Consumer Fraud Against Mail Order Aligner Companies

Read the Reviews and Watch for the Mail-Order Aligner Horror Stories

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received thousands of consumer complaints by dissatisfied customers that have experienced problems with their mail-order treatment. 

Unfortunately, little recourse can be expected when consumers of mail order aligner services have reported signing non-disclosure agreements about their bad experiences after requesting a refund. A practice that asks people to keep quiet about their experiences shows an alarming lack of accountability. 

No Shortcuts, Just Straight Teeth

The decision to undergo an orthodontic procedure shows that you pay attention to your oral health. Teledentistry companies understand the intrinsic value of straight teeth and market a low cost, convenient solution. The availability of mail order services is an example of how businesses find creative ways to offer services customers will buy. 

Beware the Easy Fix When It Comes to Your Health

As with any service, a product shouldn’t be purchased just because it is on the market. When considering issues about your health, you should be cautious about anyone who offers shortcuts or an easy fix. 

Invisalign clear aligners don’t just exist for the cosmetic benefits that they offer. They also play an important role in correcting issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. The aligners are designed to properly align your teeth without negative side effects.

Invest in Your Smile and Save Money in the Long Run

If you’re going to use your hard earned money for orthodontic treatment, you want to get quality care that gives you a healthy and stunning smile. When we work on your teeth, a large part of what you pay for is the expertise and technology that we offer. We can provide essential components of Invisalign care that cannot be replaced by do-it-yourself products.  

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